Several WWE SmackDown Stars Expected On Tonight’s Raw

4 years ago by Wrestle Talk

Several WWE SmackDown Stars Expected On Tonight’s Raw

Last week’s disastrous Raw rating has caused WWE to scramble for quick fixes to the worrying recent trend of television numbers dropping week after week to all-time low levels.

Earlier this weekend Roman Reigns announced he was going to be at Raw, WWE denied it, then it was made official hours later. That was . . . odd. Anyway, it turns out that Roman will not be the only SmackDown star appearing on Raw tonight.

According to the ever-reliable WrestleVotes Twitter account, Reigns will be joined by a “handful” of SmackDown stars, including the returning Daniel Bryan:

What they will be doing, the storyline explanation for them being there and exactly who is going to be on the show is not known at this time. Perhaps this is the start of a Raw vs. SmackDown faction war? The bringing together of the two brands on a permanent basis (doubtful) or, more likely, the blue brand wrestlers will just appear with no explanation and we will all be forced to just grit our teeth and accept it.

One thing we can say for certain is that the recent Superstar Shakeup has been rendered entirely pointless by this constant chopping and changing of talent and the lack of regard for brand destinations.

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