WWE Legend Addresses Potential In-Ring Return Amid WrestleMania Rumors

2 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

WWE Legend Addresses Potential In-Ring Return Amid WrestleMania Rumors WWE

While discussing his return to the ring last year, Stone Cold Steve Austin commented on the possibility of another wrestling comeback.

Following reports indicating that Austin was pitched matches with both Lesnar and Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39, it has been heavily speculated that he will be involved with the upcoming show in some capacity.

Austin previously returned to the ring at WrestleMania 38 to face Kevin Owens in his first full match since 2003.

Speaking with Ryan Satin on Out of Character, Austin noted that he didn’t do any in-ring training ahead of travelling to Texas for WrestleMania 38.

Discussing his preparation for his return, Austin said:

“Zero in-ring training. I was doing cardio. Here’s an inside tip for you. I love Sheamus. He’s got a great YouTube channel, the Celtic Warrior workout or whatever he calls it. I got on there.

“I watched Edge’s routine. I watch Daniel Bryan or Bryan Danielson or whatever his name is. I watched his training routine. But the one that really got me was Becky Lynch’s comeback routine.

“So I did Becky Lynch’s routine over and over and over again and then I invented my own out of that. So I was training hard at my house, but I didn’t have a ring.

“Once I got to Dallas, I got there three or four days early because I always do, I ran the ropes a lot with Drew Gulak, who’s absolutely wonderful. He’s a great talent, super guy, and very intuitive in the ring.

“We did a lot of crisscross stuff, locked up, grabbed a headlock, did a couple of spots, and just a little bit of that and I was gassing. When I tell you I’m in good shape, I was.

“But doing cardio at the house, as hard as I was working out, it’s not the in-ring activity. It’s very specific, cardio is. So like when K.O. comes in or Drew, they’re Road Warriors.

“They’ve been on the road. It was short notice, but as hard as I worked out, I still wasn’t in shape because they were doing a specific task.”

When asked if that was his last match, Austin said:

“Well, never say never. If the stars align again, hell, I mean, it could happen again, right?”

More details on the nights that some WrestleMania 39 matches are scheduled for have now been revealed.

Transcription via WrestlingNews.co.

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