Former WWE Star Thanks Fans For Their Support While Dealing With Health Issues

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Former WWE Star Thanks Fans For Their Support While Dealing With Health Issues WWE

A former WWE star has thanked the fans for their support while dealing with health issues.

Former WWE, ECW and WCW star Stevie Richards posted on Instagram that he’s dealing with some health issues and shared a photo of himself using a walker in what looked like a hospital. This resulted in many fans becoming concerned about the former WWE Hardcore Champion.

According to PWInsider, the word going around is Richards has been facing a issues related to his back and spine that has slowly gotten worse over time.

In a video posted on Instagram, Richards stated that while they don’t have all the answers yet about what’s going on, they will have an update soon.

Richards also said that he greatly appreciates the support from fans and asked fans to pray for those in the hospital who are worse off than he is right now. In the caption of the post, Stevie wrote:

“The prayers have definitely been felt by us and we appreciate them so much. Please take a moment to pray for those who are in worse medical condition and are alone in the hospital.”

“It’s breaks my heart to see those laying in a hospital bed without a hand to hold nor someone to lean on while in pain. #loveoneanother #helpothers #prayerstillworks #prayersup.”

WrestleTalk would like to send their best wishes to Stevie Richards on his recovery.

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