Secret Conversation Between The Rock & WWE Star Revealed

Secret Conversation Between The Rock & WWE Star Revealed WWE

A secret conversation between The Rock and a WWE star has now been revealed via a newly released interview.

With The Rock now taking a hiatus from WWE in order to return to his acting duties in Hollywood, recently released WWE star Jinder Mahal has reflected on the segment which kicked off Rock’s latest run in the company.

Speaking in an interview with Chris Vin Vliet – which was recorded prior to Mahal’s release from the company, the former WWE Champion was asked about sharing the ring with Rock for the segment on the Day 1 edition of WWE Raw and how it all came about.

Mahal explained:

“I met him at his hotel and Brian Gewirtz was there. Wrote an awesome promo. When he sent it to me, I was like, ‘Can we say this? Yeah? Okay!’ – I guess for Rock anything goes.

“He just said have fun. He was excited to work with me and I was obviously excited to work with him. He’s just a class act, The Rock is amazing.

“For him to give me that moment, and especially Brian telling me, ‘We’ve got time, don’t rush’. Because I was actually short-changing myself, like ‘Maybe I’ll walk and talk to the ring’.

“He said, ‘No no no, enjoy it, have a full entrance, get some heat’. We were allotted 20 minutes, which is amazing. It was an awesome experience.”

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Mahal then reveals that Rock actually dropped a hint to him regarding his future role on the TKO Board of Directors, which was announced over three weeks later on June 23.

Mahal continued:

“He actually kind of left a bit of an easter egg. He sent me a voice note, like, ‘Thank you, appreciate working with you, I’ll be seeing a lot more of you around now that I’m doing things all across the board with WWE’.

“All across the board. It didn’t click in. After a few days later, then it did, I was like, ‘That’s what he meant by doing things all across the board’.”

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During the same interview Mahal also discussed his incident with AEW President Tony Khan and sudden boom in popularity at the beginning of the year – click here to find out more.

Mahal was one of several WWE talent releases this past week along with Indus Sher teammates Sanga and Veer along with Xyon Quinn, Von Wagner and Xa Li.

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