Jinder Mahal Addresses Incident With AEW CEO Tony Khan

Jinder Mahal Addresses Incident With AEW CEO Tony Khan WWE/AEW

Former WWE star Jinder Mahal has addressed the social media ‘incident’ involving him and AEW CEO Tony Khan.

When Mahal found himself in a match with Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship this past January, Tony Khan posted a tweet pointing out Mahal’s win-loss record and what he claimed was a “double standard”.

He wrote:

A double standard:

@730hook 28-1 career record, on winning streak calls out the Champ, a logical challenge sparks online outrage 

Jinder has literally lost every single match he’s in for the past year, immediately gets title shot, where is the rage

Mahal himself responded (then soon deleted):

Who tf is Hook?


Three months later, after being released by WWE, Jinder Mahal has now addressed the whole situation.

In an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Mahal said:

“Drew had texted me. I got a bunch of texts in a row – I was like, ‘What? I’ve gotta see this’. And then I open up Twitter and that’s what I saw.

“Thank you Tony! You made that match with Seth more interesting. People actually thought I was gonna win it just to spite Tony (laughs).

“I was surprised, everybody stuck up for me, that’s never happened before.”

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Jinder Mahal was one of several WWE releases last week, which also included Veer, Sanga, Xia Li, Xyon Quinn and Von Wagner.

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