TNT Championship Belt Design Revealed

3 years ago by Nate

TNT Championship Belt Design Revealed

Prior to tonight’s AEW Double or Nothing, Tony Khan tweeted out a picture of Mike Tyson holding the title with Cody, Lance Archer, Tony Khan, and several others.

The belt has a red strap and a silver plate. It seems like it a tribute to the old NWA Television Title from the 80s.

One thing about this picture is that it looks like these guys all get along instead of wanting to kill each other. I know it’s 2020 and kayfabe is dead and whatnot, but 30 minutes before the show, these guys could at least look like they want to fight.

Here is a close-up of the belt with just Mike Tyson:

What are your initial thoughts of the title? Do you like it?  Let us know on Twitter.

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