Tony Khan Gets Defensive Over AEW Refereeing?

Tony Khan Gets Defensive Over AEW Refereeing?

AEW President Tony Khan recently told Bully Ray that he had “more important things to talk about” than refereeing issues.

A referee bump on AEW programming is a rare occurrence. According to Tony Khan, this is completely by design.

During the Tony Time segment on Busted Open Radio, Bully Ray asked Khan about issues he’d spotted with AEW refereeing. Khan quickly dismissed Ray’s arguments, suggesting that Ray wasn’t familiar with AEW rules.

Defending AEW officiating in tag team matches, Khan said:

“I don’t do ref bumps. Generally, as a rule, and we’ve done, you can count on your hand how many there have been in AEW in two years, less than five. And so, right, and so since I don’t do a lot of ref bumps when they’re double teams and when things turn into like Lucha matches a little bit, which I do a lot of trios matches and tags with luchadores so that there is going to be Lucha aspects of this stuff.

“You know, it’s going to happen because I’m not going to just knock the referee over out of nowhere so that I can do some fun Lucha spots, so I don’t really see it as a problem, and I know I haven’t noticed that or thought it was an issue.”

(When Bully Ray suggested to do more tornado tag team matches) “We’ve done tornado tags and have done a good number of tornado tags. I generally don’t think like enforcing the 10 count is the first thing people are coming to mind when we’re seeing like an exciting Young Bucks match, but it’s something to take into consideration for sure.

“I gotta say that, like Young Bucks versus Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley, I’d never heard one person complain about the 10 count. Young Bucks versus Fenix and Penta like, I don’t think that’s what people are thinking about when they’re watching a match, but, you know, I’ve got more important things to talk about on the card tonight; honestly.”

On this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, Eddie Kingston & Penta El Zero M defeated The Young Bucks in a tag-team turmoil match. Matt and Nick Jackson sent a message to the new #1 contenders for the AEW Tag Team Titles on Twitter, while simultaneously trolling Jim Ross.

Via Sportskeeda.

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