Tony Khan’s Reason For Changing Jim Ross’ Commentary Schedule

11 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Tony Khan’s Reason For Changing Jim Ross’ Commentary Schedule AEW

The reason for the change to Jim Ross’ AEW commentary schedule has been revealed.

Ross has recently started to come out for commentary during the middle of AEW Dynamite, instead of starting the taping behind the commentary desk.

Speaking on his Grilling JR podcast, Ross confirmed that this was a Tony Khan decision, to give Dynamite a boost.

Also noting that the move was also made so he could help boost Rampage, Ross said:

“Well that was a Tony Khan decision, creatively. I was coming out before the show and I was doing all of Dynamite and the reception was humbling. They were glad to see me and they expressed themselves, and the reception has been really good. So he thought in the middle of the show, Dynamite, needed a boost, so JR became the booster.

“I came out in the middle of the show, still going to call the main event or main events, however it’s going to work out, and then we all take a bathroom break for the crew and so forth, and we go right into taping Rampage.

“Of course, Rampage airs on Friday nights on TNT and as we know Dynamite is a TBS show, airs at 8 o’clock Eastern time, prime time live, live, live… I love that. So I said it’s only an hour, so it’s kinda like doing an old-school hour wrestling show, which is what it is.

“I like that deal, I didn’t have any issues with it at all. (I’m like legendary New York Yankees closer) Mariano Rivera, I’m going in for relief, we’re going to get some results for you.

“That’s the deal there, just keeping me fresh and ‘special’, quote-unquote, trying to give Rampage a boost, commentary-wise. We need to get the ratings up, which we are, so that’s the reason for that. No problem with me whatsoever. I get more exposure now than I was before because I wasn’t on Rampage.”

Last week’s (July 8) edition of Rampage drew 428,000 total viewers, slightly down from the previous week’s 486,000 viewers. Check out the viewership figures for every episode of AEW Rampage in 2022 using our tracker right here.

Transcription via Wrestlezone

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