Tony Schiavone Says Top AEW Star Did Something That ‘Would Never Happen In WCW’

2 months ago by Ryan Coogan

Tony Schiavone Says Top AEW Star Did Something That ‘Would Never Happen In WCW’ AEW

AEW commentator Tony Schiavone has spoken out about an incident involving Darby Allin, which he says would never have happened in WCW.

Speaking on the latest edition of his What Happened When podcast, Schiavone reflected on how during the days of WCW when wrestlers left a company, the company would no longer acknowledge them.

To demonstrate how the culture has changed since then, Schiavone used the example of Darby Allin, who puts together his own pre-match video packages:

“There was a snippet of Cody [Rhodes] in that … I remember thinking that would have never happened back in the day. Never. There was no way that would have happened.”

“[The mentality in the past when a wrestler left a company was] once you’re gone you’re dead.

“Guys would show up and then not show up, you know? It was, ‘Oh, look who’s here, and look who’s not here,’. Today, working in the front office, I would know all about it. Back then as an announcer, you would just pick up things. ‘Where’s Michael Hayes?’ ‘Oh, he’s no longer here.’ I remember even asking Jimmy Crockett sometimes, ‘Where is so and so?’ ‘Oh, he’s no longer with us, and do not mention his name at all ever again,’ I would go, ‘Okay.'”

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Transcription courtesy of WrestlingInc.

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