World Champion Says He ‘Misses’ Wrestling The Young Bucks

World Champion Says He ‘Misses’ Wrestling The Young Bucks AEW

The Young Bucks have wrestled many of the top tag teams in wrestling throughout their near 20 year career.

Matt and Nick Jackson spent some time in TNA, as well as a lot of time in New Japan Pro Wrestling, where they got the chance to face off with some big names, which included current IMPACT World Champion Alex Shelley.

Speaking during an appearance on the Battleground Podcast, Shelley discussed the possibility of a Motor City Machine Guns world tour, where they would face off against the best tag teams in the world.

Shelley said that he would be open to such an idea, it would just be about finding the time to do it, before saying that the Bucks were his favourite team to wrestle.

He said:

“Anytime I can be in a TimeSplitters match, or Machine Guns match or a Time Machine match that’s, that’s a treat, but with the schedule as it is right now and IMPACT kind of spreading its wings and branching out because we have the UK tour coming up, and I think there’s going to be more international shows coming forth in the next year. It’s just a matter of finding the time to do it. I miss wrestling Nick & Matt [Jackson] so much.

“I miss wrestling [The Young Bucks.] They’re my favorite tag team to wrestle. The Bucks at one point, I remember 2016, I think, they called me their best opponent. I was really taken by that, but I think it’s true. Our chemistry, it was just awesome.”

Shelley then mentioned other tag teams that he would like to face off against, naming the Hardys and FTR as potential opponents.

He said:

“The Machine Guns were supposed to wrestle Matt & Jeff once, that didn’t happen. I think actually, I broke my collarbone. That was the reason there, and then back a few months later, it was like they were gone. FTR, of course, I’d love to wrestle those guys, just because Jim Cornette helped basically finesse The Machine Guns or kind of finish us off, and I think they’d probably appreciate a lot of the things we learned from him. So there are so many great teams out there. Yeah, just a matter of finding the time to do it.”

transcription via Fightful

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