7 Active Stars Who Could Be Inducted In The WWE Hall Of Fame 2024

7 Active Stars Who Could Be Inducted In The WWE Hall Of Fame 2024 WWE

With four inductees confirmed for the 2024 WWE Hall of Fame class, spots are now at a premium to make this year’s cut.

While there are several legends from WWE’s past that have yet to receive their nod, the same could be said for many on today’s WWE roster.

Traditionally, WWE waited until a talent’s career was over before indicating them into the Hall of Fame, however, this trend has been well and truly bucked in recent years.

Rey Mysterio headlined last year’s class on the same weekend he defeated his son Dominik Mysterio at WrestleMania 39, and this year Paul Heyman receives his induction while still embedded in the biggest storyline in the company with The Bloodline.

So, with that said, who could be next? Which active stars are the most likely to receive their HOF rings in 2024’s class? :et’s find out.

7. Sheamus

Heading into WrestleMania 40 we currently have no clue what the ‘crack’ is, with Sheamus’ WWE status.

Not being seen since mid-August, The Celtic Warrior was reportedly initially out with a shoulder injury, however, reports suggested that return at the Royal Rumble in January was potentially on the cards.

Unfortunately that didn’t come to pass, and the Irishman’s absence grows more and more curious as the weeks pass.

With his WWE contract reportedly up soon after WrestleMania, an exit seems more likely than ever. While this may not come to pass, I think most would agree that the company should do the right thing and give the man his flowers before he departs.

Sheamus’ WWE resume is as close to complete as anyone on the active roster bar a few notable exceptions, making him a true legend of the modern era and one that undoubtedly belongs in the Hall of Fame.

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1 month ago by Jamie Toolan


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