WWE Fan Kicked Out Of WrestleMania 39 For Dressing As WWE Hall Of Famer

2 months ago by Connel Rumsey

WWE Fan Kicked Out Of WrestleMania 39 For Dressing As WWE Hall Of Famer WWE

Many WWE fans like to dress up as their favourite stars from the past and the present when attending live WWE events, but that turned out to cost one fan his viewing of WrestleMania 39 night two.

Kevin Hunsperger, an author and pro-wrestling ring announcer, attended night two of WWE’s biggest show of the year last weekend dressed as WWE Hall of Famer Big Boss Man, but the strict security at the event ejected him for ‘impersonating a law officer’.

Hunsperger took to Tik Tok to share his experience with the security guard at the event, saying that the security told him to leave the arena, even after other security and fans told him that Kevin was cosplaying as the legendary wrestler.

He detailed the experience, saying:

“Night one no problems at all, but night two a security guard got in my face just as we walked through the gates, and told me that because I had a patch from a sheriff’s department, which was from Georgia, on my sleeve, that I couldn’t come in.”

Kevin then detailed taking off the patch on his arm, which wasn’t good enough for the security guard.

He added:

“That wasn’t good enough, the man stayed in my face and told me that I had to take the shirt off despite others: security guards, workers, fans telling him I was in cosplay, I even had “Big Boss Man” across my chest.”

When told to leave, Kevin detailed his sentence, which was a quick change into a Big Boss Man t-shirt before re-entering to enjoy the show.

He added:

“The security guard would not have it and made me leave, even with my foam nightstick, which people are walking in there with metal belts and all that stuff, they got in no problem at all.

“I was made to serve hard times, at least for a couple of minutes, when I changed into a Big Boss Man t-shirt and came in and enjoyed the show.”

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