Booker T Discusses NXT Commentary Debut

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Booker T Discusses NXT Commentary Debut WWE

A WWE Hall of Famer has discussed their NXT commentary debut.

On the October 11 edition of WWE NXT, two-time WWE Hall of Famer Booker T made his commentary debut alongside Vic Joseph.

The former six-time world champion has plenty of experience on commentary for the main roster throughout the 2010s and has regularly been part of the Kick-Off shows.

Speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker reflected on his NXT commentary debut.

He said:

“Everything is different in NXT than it is on the main roster, which is a good thing for me. I found myself for probably the first 45 minutes waiting on someone to give me a little direction [laughs]. When that didn’t happen, I started feeling more comfortable and at ease and Booker T started coming out. I started getting more animated and that’s when I’m in my comfort zone. When I can yell, laugh, and start having fun. As well as watching these young guys display their talent.”

Booker continued on to discuss being willing to help some of the young talent on the NXT brand, saying:

“I’m excited about being part of NXT. I didn’t know how excited I was going to be because it’s a lot of students and young guys coming up and I feel like I’m in my coaching and teaching mode. There are so many young guys and girls who are like clay, just need to be molded down there. I’m in a perfect place to where I cannot get complacent. I don’t think I could ever get complacent with this many young guys. I had like 60 guys in my ear. They wanted to talk about this, they needed some of that, a little bit of this. This is going to be something really cool for me and something I’ve been wanting for a long time. Let’s get work and get cracking.”

As previously reported, Booker T has detailed his new role and revealed how it came about in a previous episode of the podcast.

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