John Cena Reflects On His WWE Future

2 weeks ago by Dave Adamson

John Cena Reflects On His WWE Future WWE

Ahead of the release of Fast X, John Cena has reflected on his future in the WWE and wrestling in general in a recent interview.

Following months of jibes from Theory, Cena finally stepped into the WWE ring to face the United States Champion at WrestleMania 39.

He recently spoke to Busted Open Radio and addressed claims that he buries other talent in the WWE.

Rarely seen in the WWE ring these days, Cena has a burgeoning career in Hollywood and has spoken about his future in the wrestling business.

Speaking to Dave LaGreca and Bully Ray, the 16-time WWE World Champion revealed:

“I wish I was still there every day. My body can’t do it anymore and I don’t want to give the consumer a bad product.

“That’s another thing that I learned from those veterans at the time, guys like Eddie just would risk so much. and he’s like, I’m never gonna give the consumer a bad product.

“I don’t care how I feel. I don’t care how I feel physically. I don’t care what baggage I have mentally. When I’m on, they paid good money and I’m gonna go out there and give everything I have and sometimes find it when it’s not there.

“I’m at a point where everything I have in comparison to the bar that’s been set, like what I have is what you saw at WrestleMania 39.

“That’s what I feel confident that I can deliver and that’s really nice for here and there. That’s not every day in the WWE. That’s not every day in sports entertainment.

“Sports entertainment has raised the bar and I’m humble enough to say that’s awesome because you’re supposed to leave it better than you found it and the people are supposed to advance it.”

In the appearance on Busted Open Radio, Cena would also respond to criticism of the Fast & Furious movie franchise.

He first appeared as Jakob Toretto in F9 and reprises his role in Fast X.

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