WWE Name Released Chickens Under The Ring To Prank Former WWE Star

WWE Name Released Chickens Under The Ring To Prank Former WWE Star WWE

Former WWE star Hornswoggle had a number of roles throughout his WWE career.

The leprechaun turned illegitimate McMahon turned DX member turned Anonymous Raw General Manager turned member of 3MB was introduced to the WWE audience alongside Finlay.

Despite being in the wrestling business, Hornswoggle apparently has a fear of one specific thing; Chickens.

Speaking on his Wrestling With Freddie podcast, former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr recalled a story of Finlay releasing a chicken under the ring to prank Hornswoggle during a live show.

He said:

“Dylan [Hornswoggle] is afraid of chickens the way I’m afraid of boats.

“Fit Finlay had a chicken under the ring, and Dylan couldn’t come out because it was a live show. So he’s just under there, fighting with a chicken that’s trying to cut his throat.”

Continuing with Hornswoggle, Freddie also said that he was instrumental in getting the Hornswoggle character to speak for the first time, saying:

“I love Dylan, I was the one who got him the first time to get his character to speak. And he actually rapped to Snoop Dogg.”

Finlay currently works for WWE as a producer and trainer.

transcription via Wrestling Inc.

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