WWE Name Picks NXT Stars Who Will Find Success On Main Roster

WWE Name Picks NXT Stars Who Will Find Success On Main Roster WWE

With a lot of eyes on WWE’s two-night WrestleMania 39 showcase, it’s worth noting that for WWE’s next crop of superstar’s in NXT April 1 Stand & Deliver event will be just as big.

Not only will Stand & Deliver showcase WWE’s future but it may also potentially be their last act on WWE’s developmental brand before a move to the main roster.

Historically WWE has debuted NXT names on the Raw or Smackdown after WrestleMania and this year is no different with names such as Bronson Breakker and Zoey Stark being linked with a promotion in the near future.

As for Stark specifically, it seems that one WWE backstage name in particular has her earmarked her out for big things in WWE in the future.

While conducting a virtual signing with Captain’s Corner, WWE producer Molly Holly spoke highly of Stark as well as Stand and Deliver main-eventer Carmello Hayes and three other up and coming names.

Holly said:

“Carmelo (Hayes), I think (will make a big splash on the main roster) if you’re talking about the men.

I think Carmelo’s doing a great job and as far as women, Kiana (James)? I forgot her name. But I really liked her and oh, Zoey (Stark) is one of the most amazing athletes I’ve ever seen so, I think they’ve got a ton of great talent there.

It seems like anyone who comes up for a tryout — Nathan Frazer just did a match against Bronson (Reed) I think and I was really impressed with his stuff too. Oh! And there was a kid who just came up and did a match… Dante (Chen). Dante was his name and I liked him a lot.”

Since taking over WWE’s creative Triple H has made NXT much more integrated with WWE’s main roster, which will no doubt bode well for any potential call-ups in the future.

Transcript courtesy of POST Wrestling.

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