WWE Tag Team Reunion Confirmed

1 month ago by Liam Winnard

WWE Tag Team Reunion Confirmed WWE

It looks like a WWE tag team reunion is as official as it can be off the back of last night’s April 25 NXT Spring Breakin’ show.

The show last night played host to a mixed tag team match pitting Brooks Jensen & Kiana James against Josh Briggs & Fallon Henley to culminate a long-time storyline where James had lured Jensen away from his friends Briggs and Henley to fall in love with her instead.

During the match, Jensen accidentally knocked James off the apron, which resulted in them losing the match.

James then tried to slap Jensen, but he blocked it, but she then told him that she’d never loved him and stormed off.

This made Jensen rather sad, but there to console him and try to make him feel better were none other than the two people he’d just had a match against, Briggs and Henley.

In a backstage interview with Kelly Kincaid posted on social media after the show, it seems the trio are fully back together.

Briggs said:

“Kelly, like I told him earlier, love is sometimes temporary, but family is forever. We ain’t going nowhere buddy.”

Henley then suggested a trip to the bar, which the others agreed with.

It also seems like Jensen’s new look with the wrestling trunks will be short-lived as Briggs suggested he should go back to wearing jeans like he did when they were a tag team before James gave him a makeover.

Briggs and Jensen are former NXT UK Tag Team Champions together. They were put together as a tag team on the very first episode of NXT 2.0 in 2021, with Henley joining them a bit later.

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