WWE Star Responds To Fan Who Claimed To Have Sign Confiscated At Raw

2 months ago by Liam Winnard

WWE Star Responds To Fan Who Claimed To Have Sign Confiscated At Raw WWE

UPDATE: The fan who claimed to have the sign confiscated was fabricating the story using a photo from several years ago.

A fan on Twitter posted a picture of what was obviously implied to be themselves holding up a sign at Raw last night (April 17) that said “I PAID TO SEE DANA BROOKE”.

The caption of the tweet was as follows:

Just got featured on Raw with my @DanaBrookeWWE sign! 10 minutes later security came and told me I had to take it down???

This can’t keep happening! I heard this happened to another fan a few weeks ago. @WWE FIX THIS #GiveDanaBrookeAChance

Brooke saw the tweet and replied:

I’m so sorry this happened! I love the support and getting the message across!!!

As noted, if the fan’s story is true (update as noted above, it isn’t), it’s not the first time this has happened recently to one of Brooke’s fans.

Two weeks ago on April 3, a fan held up a similar sign that said “GIVE DANA BROOKE A CHANCE”.

The fan said a member of the production team told him he wasn’t allowed show it on TV anymore and took it away.

At the time, Brooke replied:

“I am so sorry ! This is so wrong and will be addressed”

Brooke hasn’t been on Raw since way back in November, but does wrestle pretty regularly during the Main Event tapings before Raw starts.

Although, she hasn’t even done that since the end of March.

Her last match was a win over NXT’s Elektra Lopez on March 27 taped for that week’s episode of Main Event.

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