LA Knight Calls Out Bray Wyatt But Gets Uncle Howdy Instead

2 months ago by Amanda Savage

LA Knight Calls Out Bray Wyatt But Gets Uncle Howdy Instead WWE

On tonight’s episode of WWE SmackDown (December 9), LA Knight took to the ring to deliver his evidence against Bray Wyatt.

Reviewing the video footage from his previous attacks, LA Knight continues to believe that Bray Wyatt’s “puppets” appearing in the background in the aftermath are proof.

According to LA Knight, Bray Wyatt is absolutely behind the attacks on him!

Or is he..?

As interrupting LA Knight was another spooky Uncle Howdy vignette, complete with the additional female voice and a bit more of a visualization of the spooky character.

With the creepy Uncle Howdy vignette saying, “the door is closing,” before LA Knight said it was clearly Bray Wyatt and if he wouldn’t come out and face him, he’ll go to the back to find him!

In a backstage segment, LA Knight was on the hunt, searching about in a backstage locker room area when he entered a room with a Bray Wyatt tee hanging up.

When the lights cut out, an iPhone flashlight revealed that Knight wasn’t alone!

This article will be updated as the angle continues with any updates from WWE SmackDown, so check back to find out what else the night reveals!

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