WWE Star Sasha Banks Opens Up On Experiencing Racism As A Child

WWE Star Sasha Banks Opens Up On Experiencing Racism As A Child

WWE SmackDown star and multi-time champion Sasha Banks has opened up about experiencing racism throughout her difficult childhood.

Banks spoke candidly on the most recent edition of the New Day ‘Feel The Power’ podcast.

She said:

“For me, it was so hard being a kid. First, I was living in Iowa at the time. I was the only black girl in the whole county. I was like, man, where am I and what’s going to happen in my life? I’m on a farm and black. Before that, I lived in California and was around a lot of cultures and different experiences. I heard people say the n-word, but back then, the ‘n’ was like, you say it as a friend. The first time I heard it in such a negative way, I was living in California. I was walking home from softball practice and this guy on his porch was screaming at me, ‘Hey n-word, get the f**k out of here.’ Instantly I became so shy and so scared. I started watching wrestling and I thought this is who I am going to be. I am going to be larger than life and be someone I can’t be right now and I have to break this fear. Ever since I laid eyes on wrestling, I always had my mind set on that this is going to save me. This is what will break me away from being this scared little child.”

Banks added that she doesn’t neccesarily want to be a ‘role model’ because she doesn’t want that pressure and only wants to be herself.

Sasha Banks will challenge Bayley for the SmackDown Women’s Championship in a Hell in a Cell match at the October 25 pay-per-view.

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