Update On WWE’s Plans For After WrestleMania

3 months ago by Dave Adamson

Update On WWE’s Plans For After WrestleMania WWE

With WrestleMania 39 fast approaching, early hints of plans for Triple H’s first post-Mania creative era have been suggested.

Following WWE Raw on March 20, which saw the dominance of the Bloodline at risk with a new WrestleMania 39 match set and Cody Rhodes driving a wedge between Reigns and Solo Sikoa, Dave Meltzer has suggested that a long-term plan exists.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez would explore the impact of last night’s Raw segment between Rhodes and Reigns, saying:

“I will say this, from watching the Friday show and watching this segment here, it is clear… from watching these two shows is that they have a post-Mania plan.

Dave Meltzer would confirm that is actually is correct, adding: “They have a year of post-Mania plans.”

Whilst Meltzer wouldn’t elaborate further, Alvarez went on to speculate:

“This is not something where we’re gonna do Mania and then the creative team, Hunter and Vince and whoever is going to wake up and be ‘what the f*ck are we gonna do now?’

“They’ve been planting a lot of seeds into this plan over the last couple of days.

“They’ve got two more weeks and this is not going to be that normal Mania – I shouldn’t say “normal Mania” but many Manias you’ve watched the WrestleMania main event and then, it’s like, they’ve got that lull. They’ve got to start over again.

“They’ve got a continuation of all of this.”

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Meltzer would highlight a difference between what he’s seeing now versus creative plans under Vince McMahon, concluding:

“A lot of times, too, when it comes to WrestleMania, Vince when he had it would do things that he thought the fans want but he doesn’t really want.

“In the period building until building up to SummerSlam, it was kind of like ‘okay, I did what the fans want, they were wrong and now I’m gonna start… I’m gonna go with this until I can squash the guy the fans like and then we can go back to doing business’.”

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Whatever the plans are, WWE Raw on March 20 saw a potential change to the women’s four-way tag match that was reportedly set for WrestleMania.

Along with this, the status of Bray Wyatt versus Bobby Lashley is also still unknown, with Wyatt suffering a reported unspecified illness and absent from last night’s WWE Raw.

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