10 News Stories You May Have Missed (Sept 5 – Sept 12)

8 months ago by Adam Blampied

10 News Stories You May Have Missed (Sept 5 – Sept 12)

Another week another blockbuster 7 days of AEW screaming the word news directly into our brains.

Some stuff happened at All Out, congratulations AEW for all the stuff, but while the rest of those news boys, Stupid Oli, Stupid, Laurie and Stupid Pete were covering the big news by the big people, I’m all about the little people, like you, you little tiny, minuscule piece of sh-

I’m Adam from Wrestletalk and here are this week’s 10 Wrestling News Stories That You Might Have Missed.

10. Tessa Blanchard Is ‘Nuclear’ To Companies

Once upon a time, before WWE shot half of its talent into space, former IMPACT World Champion Tessa Blanchard was considered the hottest free agent in wrestling.

In mid-2020, it seemed only a matter of time before someone like WWE or AEW picked her up, especially with her father being Tully Blanchard, who is working as a manager in AEW.

However, according to a report from Bodyslam.net, Blanchard is considered ‘nuclear’ by major companies and don’t want anything to do with her following controversy surrounding her unsavory comments and well-documented issues.

This was pretty exemplified during the Women’s Casino Battle Royale at All Out, where there were some small “We Want Tessa” chants drowned out by “No we don’t” chants in response.

According to the report, the only company that has had negotiations with her since her acrimonious departure from Impact in 2020 is NWA.

So for now at least, it seems she’ll just continue training with Izzy. Yes, that’s a thing that’s happening.

9. Kushida Tested Positive For Covid-19

Since winning the NXT Cruiserweight Championship in April this year, Kushida began putting on banger after banger in an open challenge format, often having the match of the night on NXT.

But after Roderick Strong’s new faction Diamond Mine debuted, setting up a Cruiserweight Title match against The Messiah Of The Backbreaker, Kushida has been absent from TV, forcing that match to be canceled.

Kushida has now revealed why, stating that he and his family all tested positive for Covid-19.

He said in a video posted to Instagram that despite being vaccinated, they all still contracted the virus, had low energy and lost their sense of smell and taste.

However, they’re all now fine and recovering, which is some positive news at least. Fingers crossed Kushida can return to NXT soon and light up the ring once more.

8. Jake Atlas Requested Release Before Firing

Sticking with NXT news ahead of their rebrand coming on Tuesday, oh god I’m so nervous, what if it’s terrible guys, one of the releases from the most recent batch of NXT talent to be let go from the company was Jake Atlas. Atlas had joined NXT in 2019 and made his debut in April 2020.

However, in an interview with WrestleTalk’s best friend Denise Salcedo on her channel Instinct Culture, Atlas revealed that he had originally asked for his release to Canyon Ceman, who was in charge of that sort of thing at the time, and whose surname is Ceman, and there’s nothing funny about that.

Unfortunately, Ceman was also then let go himself, (it took all the energy I had to not say Ceman was released but I have now said that) and despite requesting it for six months, Atlas never got a meeting with Triple H.

He turned down a contract extension in July and had some terms of his own he wanted to put forward, however after taking some leave to deal with declining mental health, he returned and a week later was released.

He mentioned in the interview that he doesn’t know whether he was already on the chopping block to be released, or whether they went through Ceman’s emails after he was released and saw Atlas’ request for a release and decided he didn’t want to be there.


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