11 Exciting Potential Opponents For Christian Cage In AEW

2 years ago by Tempest

8. Orange Cassidy

While Christian Cage has been one of the most consistent in-ring performers throughout his career, he is also a hell of an entertainer. Whether it be his time as Edge’s partner, or his run as Captain Charisma, he is one of the funniest wrestlers out there.

Why not put him against one of AEW’s best comedy wrestlers? A match with Orange Cassidy could be pure comedy or it could be a full-tilt wrestling match akin to Cassidy’s match with PAC. There are a lot of possibilities and that could lead to multiple matches between the two.

7. Penta El Zero M

Whereas Rey Fenix is one of the most impressive athletes in AEW, his brother Penta El Zero M is one of the most charismatic. Penta appears to be finally getting a singles push in AEW and thus could be in line for a singles match with Christian Cage.

Penta is currently lined up to feud with Cody Rhodes and if he is able to make it through Cody, Christian makes sense as a future opponent. The match itself would be very exciting as well. Similar to Fenix, Penta presents a style that Christian has not had too many opportunities to work with in his career.

6. PAC

Christian Cage and PAC just missed each other in WWE. As Christian was forced into retirement in 2014, PAC was the NXT Champion. By the time PAC made it to the main roster in 2015, Christian was already long gone. Now, they have the opportunity to wrestle for the first time in their careers.

PAC has proven time and time again to be one of the best and most exciting performers in wrestling. This, frankly, is a match that makes loads of sense. They would need a storyline reason to get there, but the match would be fantastic. If Christian wants to outwork everyone, PAC is going to be a very difficult person to outwork. However, that should mean great matches for us, the fans.

5. Darby Allin

Christian Cage had very positive things to say about Darby Allin during his interview on Renee Paquette’s Oral Sessions. He compared Allin to Jeff Hardy, who Christian has a lot of history with. Allin is clearly one of AEW’s most beloved stars and someone who has the potential to be a top star for years in the promotion. What better way to test the enigmatic star than a rivalry with the uber-consistent Christian?

While Allin does wrestle a different style from Jeff Hardy, he and Hardy share the same daredevil qualities. Christian is much more grounded and could be a fantastic base for Allin while also being able to keep up with his incredibly quick pace. Plus, if Christian eventually wants to be the face of TNT, that would serve to elevate the title and Allin’s reign further.

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