5 Reasons Kenny Omega Vs. Will Ospreay Is A Much Bigger Deal Than You Realize

9 months ago by Amanda Savage


5. There has been tension for years

While recently the war of the words has certainly amplified, the simmering tension has been going on for several years according to Ospreay.

In a recent interview with WrestleInn, Will Ospreay claims the issue stems back to 2019.

Ospreay said regarding the origins of his discord with Omega:

“This whole thing has generated from back in 2019, it was Kenny’s last match and I guess he wanted Ibushi out there to second him. I f**king blew Ibushi’s brain out with the hidden blade. He’s super f*****g mad at me. The thing is, I’m mad at myself when those situations happen. I don’t want to brain somebody, but it’s a legal wrestling move. I’m allowed to do it. I’m allowed to do blows to the back of the head, 12-6 elbows down. This is a 9-3 elbow strike, I’m allowed to do it. Obviously, the repercussion is he got knocked out and it was a bad concussion. Since then, myself and Ibushi, we have gone out for drinks. We don’t talk anymore, but after that point, we went for drinks and meals, we’re fine, but Kenny is butthurt off an accident.”

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