8 Things Tony Khan Needs To Do To Fix AEW

8. Give Bryan Danielson The AEW World Championship

When Daniel Bryan Danielson Bryanson joined AEW at All Out 2021, he immediately became one of the biggest guys in the entire company just by virtue of being there (though not the biggest – more on that later).

That isn’t hyperbole either; in terms of currently active wrestlers Danielson is easily the most mainstream person on the roster, and it isn’t even close.

I mean, the guy main evented WrestleMania just last year! He was a featured player on Total Bellas (the highest honor there is in the world of wrestling)!

So why, oh why, is the GOAT goat still holding his burlap pants up with a piece of rope he found instead of the big beautiful gold belt he clearly deserves.

There is actually an answer for this: he doesn’t want it. Danielson wants to spend his final years before retirement having great matches that put over young talent like Daniel Garcia and Wheeler Yuta.

And hey, listen, that’s great. But there’s such a thing as being so selfless that you swing right back around to being selfish. For the good of the company, Danielson has to accept the mantle and help AEW out of its current stagnant period.

2 years ago by Ryan Coogan



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