5 Possible Huge AEW Announcements By Tony Khan

5 Possible Huge AEW Announcements By Tony Khan AEW

This past Wednesday AEW president Tony Khan revealed that he is going to make yet another big announcement on next week’s episode of AEW Dynamite.

Since then speculation has, of course, run wild over social media and while the real reason for this announcement might be locked in already, it might also lead to something else.

With pro wrestling, you just never know. The announcement could be something entirely different and the expectation could be delivered as well on the same night.

All Elite Wrestling seemingly is in desperate need of a shot in the arm and the first Tony Khan Announcement of 2024 could bring just that.

So let’s enter the speculation station and see what could happen next week.

5. The Signing Of Kazuchika Okada

While currently believed to be on the fence to decide whether his future lies with WWE or AEW, perhaps the biggest free agent currently out there has already made up his mind in secret.

Since his departure from his longtime home New Japan Pro Wrestling, the wrestling world is desperate to learn where the master of the Rainmaker ends up.

Will it be in WWE, a place he has never been before, and his best friend Shinsuke Nakamura is enjoying a healthy push.

Or will it be AEW, where he already has had his fair share of matches?

Tony Khan could shock the world and announce Okada’s full-time signing just months after he already secured Will Ospreay before WWE ever could.

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