Adam Pearce Hilariously Roasts Sonya Deville About Controversial ‘Title Exchange’

1 year ago by Liam Winnard

Adam Pearce Hilariously Roasts Sonya Deville About Controversial ‘Title Exchange’

WWE on-screen authority figures Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville have had a fun back-and-forth on social media about last week’s SmackDown.

The show opened with 30 minutes of the Roman Reigns/Brock Lesnar saga, which resulted in Pearce brazenly suspending Lesnar indefinitely after he attacked Reigns at ringside.

Lesnar then F-5’d Pearce in the ring for his troubles, splitting Pearce’s pants in the process.

Fast forward to the last segment of the show, and Sonya Deville was moderating a “title exchange” segment with Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair where they were set to swap their championship belts to match their news brands following the WWE Draft.

As was well-documented last weekend, things went off the rails as Flair has been accused of taking matters into her own hands and going off-script during the segment, dropping the title belt on the ground instead of passing it to Lynch, which resulted in Lynch throwing her belt at Flair.

They then had a heated exchange backstage and Flair had to be escorted out the building by security.

Adam Pearce took to Twitter today to post a photo of him taking the F-5 from Lesnar, along with the caption: “Suspended indefinitely. Bend but never break. Never forget”.

Deville responded to this with a GIF of her sipping champagne and laughing (see below), but Pearce’s reply was the winner of the exchange, as he simply wrote back:

“Great job handling that title exchange!”

All good fun, and the replies to Pearce are having a fun time too. You love to see it.

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