AEW And NJPW Crossover Pay-Per-View Forbidden Door Announced

AEW And NJPW Crossover Pay-Per-View Forbidden Door Announced AEW/NJPW

Tony Khan’s HUGE announcement was finally revealed and as speculated, Tony Khan announced an enormous crossover event titled fittingly, ‘Forbidden Door.’

Bringing together promotions AEW and NJPW, the event titled ‘Forbidden Door’ will be held on June 26th 2022 in Chicago, Illinois at an AEW favorite, United Center Arena. 

While Tony Khan was introduced by Tony Schiavone as being the one to make an announcement, Khan then brought out New Japan Pro Wrestling’s President, Takami Ohbari who joined him on stage.

However, they were both interrupted on-screen by Adam Cole who announced that if anyone should be making a massive announcement like this, it should be him!

Announcing that two of professional wrestling’s biggest powerhouses were coming together for the pay-per-view wasn’t his only announcement, however, Cole added that in an Owen Hart qualifying match on this week’s AEW Rampage it will be Adam Cole versus Ishii. 

Adam Cole then said there was a very special friend who wanted to come out there right now and say hello and Jay White’s music started as he joined Khan and Ohbari on stage and took the microphone. 

White said it was very fitting that he would be there for the announcement since the last time NJPW held a joint event like this, Jay White said he “single-handedly sold-out Madison Square Garden,” and went on to say it wasn’t about NJPW or AEW, it was about the Undisputed Elite AND Bullet Club because “it’s still our era.” 

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