AEW Star Likely To Return Soon

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

AEW Star Likely To Return Soon AEW

An AEW star who hasn’t been seen on television since January 2023 looks set to make a return in the near future.

Bandido’s last AEW match saw him take on Bryan Danielson on the January 18 episode of Dynamite.

Aside from an appearance at GCW Eye For An Eye in New York on March 17 in which he lost to Gringo Loco, Bandido’s wrestling has been restricted to international and Mexico bookings.

The lack of TV time in AEW has been “visa issues”, a situation which affected a number of AEW talent, as previously reported.

Tony Khan has now confirmed that the issues have been sorted during the ROH Supercard of Honor media call, saying:

“Bandido is a great example of an international wrestler that I’ve seen in Ring of Honor and was on All In and is a tremendous talent. He signed with ROH when we started AEW.

“On ROH, he was the lineal champion. I really like working with him and he’s one of a number of international wrestlers who I really like who have had to renew their visas.

“It’s nothing nefarious, it’s a process that, when you use international talent, for a company that does the bulk of its business domestically, then you’re going to see visa renewals and you deal with it whether it’s in AEW or English football.

“I was very excited to get Bandido’s stuff all settled and he’s been a great example of somebody that has a chance to excel in both promotions and internationally.”

AEW Women’s Champion was also recently absent from television due to visa issues that have now been resolved.

Transcript from Fightful.

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