AEW Name Reacts To WWE Abandoning ‘Sports Entertainment’

AEW Name Reacts To WWE Abandoning ‘Sports Entertainment’ WWE/AEW

AEW commentator and WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has reacted to his former employer abandoning the term “sports entertainment.”

In recent weeks, WWE has made a move away from “sports entertainment”, referring to their product once more as “wrestling”.

Jim Ross addressed the change on Grilling JR, saying:

“Logical as hell. I’ve never looked at pro wrestling as a negative term. I’ve always been a proponent of pro wrestling. That’s what we do. That’s what it is. Roll with it. Why not?

“That’s another one of the waves goodbye to Vince [McMahon]. We’re not doing this thing anymore. We’re gonna do pro wrestling.

“That’s what the business is predicated on. Any generation you look at, any territory you want to look at. It’s all predicated on the success of the live events in these territories.

“I’m a big believer that pro wrestling is the way to go. We do it in AEW since day 1.

“Tony Khan is unabashed. He’s a pro wrestling fan and a pro wrestling historian to some degree.

“That’s what makes it so much fun to work for Tony. He’s just a fan. He gets excited. He gets the adrenaline rush and that’s infectious.”

Ross recently revealed that he had signed a new one-year deal with AEW and believed that 2024 may be his last year with the company.

According to Ross, the plan is for him to provide commentary on pay-per-view events only.

In the recent episode of Grilling JR, Ross said that the PPV plans give him “something to look forward to.”

Ross will be releasing his new book “Business Is About To Pick Up!” in May, 2024, which chronicles “50 iconic calls across 50 unforgettable years.”

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