AEW Looking To Release A Comic Book

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

AEW Looking To Release A Comic Book

AEW star Christopher Daniels – who also works for the promotion in a backstage capacity – has said that the promotion is looking to release a comic book.

Speaking with Wrestling Inc, Daniels mentioned that the relationship between AEW and Warner could lead to ties with DC Comics, and the promotion would definitely be interested in pursuing something.

He said:

“Yeah, because TNT has ties with Warner Bros. who also has ties with DC Comics. We did a little bit of a thing especially because we did our Revolution pay-per-view earlier this year. It was a part of C2E2, which is the big comic book convention in Chicago. It was great. We had some DC artists, Ramon Villalobos and Howard Porter, did some great cover art of some AEW stars. There was some great shots of Cody, and Chris Jericho, and Nyla Rose and they did an SCU piece that I really dug. It was very cool. Because we’ve got that tie, we’re looking into doing an AEW comic book I’m sure. I don’t think there’s been any movement on that just because of the stuff that we’re doing with the television show right now that takes precedence, but we’re always in the market to sort of find new ways to get new fans to get their eyes on the AEW product.”

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