AEW’s Nyla Rose Fires Back At ‘Official Transgender Warning’

AEW’s Nyla Rose Fires Back At ‘Official Transgender Warning’ AEW

AEW star Nyla Rose has slammed a warning in the Oklahoma Athletic Commission minutes over “allowing a transgender to compete against a female.”

An extract of the minutes from the January meeting of the Oklahoma Athletic Commission was shared on Twitter, with the focus being on Item F titled:

“Discussion into what punitive action to take against AEW for allowing a transgender (born male) to compete against a female.”

As can be seen in the tweet below featuring a screenshot of the minutes, the AEW show in question took place on December 20, 2023, referring to Rose’s ROH on Honor Club match against Alejandra Lion.

It was noted in the report that OSAC (Oklahoma State Athletic Commission) “had no idea as the wrestler had filled his (sic) wrestling license application as a female.”

The Athletic Commission was alerted by a “local wrestling organization who had previously done the same thing.”

The Administrator, Joe Miller, contacted AEW and explained that this was a “violation of the OSAC rules.”

In the meeting, Miller asked the Commission “if there was any other action they would like to take against AEW.”

Mike Bower stated that the OSAC boxing, kicking and MMA applications all ask about gender reassignment and that the wrestling application “needs to be updated so this doesn’t happen in the future.”

Nyla Rose responded to the situation on Twitter, tweeting out a strong message stating:


“Don’t worry Oklahoma I’ll find the dastardly Transgender that *checks notes* entertained fans!!!


Rose also posted:

DAMNIT OKLAHOMA!!! You made me a babyface now!!!! 😑😑😑 I wanna do evil things with my evil friends but now I can’t 😤

As for punishment, the motion was made and carried that AEW should be warned “not to do this again or there will be punitive action made against them if they do.”

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