Tony Khan Addresses AEW & Warner Bros Discovery Relationship After WWE Talks

Tony Khan Addresses AEW & Warner Bros Discovery Relationship After WWE Talks AEW/WWE

Tony Khan has shared updates on the AEW and ROH’s relationships with Warner Brothers Discovery, following recent reports about WBD talks with WWE.

Warner Brothers Discovery (WBD) owns TBS and TNT, which are the home networks of AEW’s Dynamite, Rampage and Collision shows.

It was recently reported that top WWE names including Triple H met with WBD executives earlier this week, ahead of WWE securing a new TV rights deal for Raw ahead of September 2024.

During the ROH Final Battle media scrum, Tony Khan stated that he has had some ‘really good talks’ with WBD recently, but about AEW not ROH:

“Ring of Honor, we haven’t had recently as many, but we’ve had really good conversations about AEW, even in recent days, I’ve had really good talks with Warner Brothers Discovery.

We’ve been with them for several years, it’s a really exciting time for AEW.”

Noting that AEW’s relationship with WBD is really strong, Khan explained:

“We’re performing incredibly well for Warners Brothers Discovery and we’re a very strong relationship. With media rights and all the things coming up, everyone has to do their due diligence. It’s just part of the TV business.

“Where we stand, we stand in a position for AEW to have a huge growth year in 2024. There are a lot of really exciting things happening that I know Warner Brothers is excited about, that we’ve talked about.

“It’s a great relationship and it’s going very very well for us and part of the TV business, for both sides, is doing their due diligence and that’s just a part of sports and television, really.

Being part of the NFL and Premier League, I’ve seen that process play out with certainly different TV networks looking at different sports and the sports looking at different TV networks. I’ve been part of this multiple times in the NFL.”

For more details on the meeting between WWE and WBD executives click here.

Transcription via Fightful.

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