Alexa Bliss Hits Back At Fan Complaining About Her Tattoos

3 years ago by Andy Datson

Alexa Bliss Hits Back At Fan Complaining About Her Tattoos

It took me two years to admit to my mum that I had got a picture of Hogwarts tattooed on my arm, but not everyone is as pathetic as me, and they’re happy to display them to the world, as they should be.

However, not everyone likes tattoos, and some people don’t like them so much that they feel the need to tell people they don’t know about it on social media.

Former WWE Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss recently spoke about recent additions to her piercings and tattoos, and the majority of her fans were very supportive and interested in the subject.

For those of you who haven’t seen it, here’s Alexa’s biggest tattoo.


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Now that it’s getting to that healing phase, Wanted to share my story of my newest tattoo. All of my Tattoos mean so much to me. A few years back Kailyn and I got Matching Roman numeral tattoos that mean so much to me. I love the look of white ink tattoos. I love that they heal like scars. I love that they look to be a part of my skin instead of on my skin. Unfortunately sometimes the tattoos don’t turn out the way as planned. My tattoo was done & I noticed it didn’t look like my other white inks. Either the stencil was tattood in, or the artist tattood with a different color ink. After having the tattoo gone over in white 6 times, lasered multiple Times … it healed as a green/ blue scar tissue. I thought it was going to look that way forever. Until I met Stephanie. Stephanie is an amazing artist who took my ideas of turning this embarrassing now scar into something I’d love forever. This tattoo is a lace design that incorporates a lot of meaningful things to me. It includes an Eating disorder recovery symbol that blossoms into a flower for “new beginning” When I was hospitalized, my hospital room was decorated in tinker bell items because tink was my Favorite. So I have “ the second star from the right “ from Peter Pan hanging down. & last but not least, when I was at the worst part of my eating disorder, my doctor wanted to send me to the in patient center in Pittsburgh, because seeing 5 doctors a day wasn’t helping me. My parents made the decision to give me a break from seeing doctors all day everyday. It Was a constant reminder of how sick I really was. So before having to be sent away, my parents took me to disney world to give me a small break. Which happened to be the best thing for me. When I went to disney, i actually began to eat. Slowly but surely. By the end of the week, I had gotten so much healthier that I didn’t need to go away to Pittsburgh. So disney is not only my Happy place, it’s my Healing place. So there is a “ hidden Mickey” in the lace design. So all together this tattoo represents a crucial point in my life & I love the design Stephanie came Up with to represent this moment in my life

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However, because this is Twitter, one fan decided he would get his opinion that no-one asked for across, as you can see below.

Alexa saw his opinion, and decided to put him in his place, because as everyone has said in the comments, it’s not his body.

Yeah, take that, random internet man!

As a general rule, if you have an opinion about someone that you don’t know’s body, it’s best to keep it to yourself.

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