Bobby Lashley Says ‘Never Say Never’ Regarding Hurt Business Reunion

2 years ago by Louis Dangoor

Bobby Lashley Says ‘Never Say Never’ Regarding Hurt Business Reunion

Bobby Lashley replied “never say never” when asked in a recent interview about the possibility of The Hurt Business reuniting in the future.

The decision to split up Hurt Business in 2021 has been universally condemned, but WWE Champion Bobby Lashley teased that the group could reunite in the future during a recent interview with Fightful:

“It should be one of those times where you say ‘never say never.’ It was a hell of a group and did great viewing numbers. There was a great synergy between the group. We enjoy it. It’s one of those things where it’s something that we can always come back to it. In the business, there is always different things that happen. Cedric and Shelton were going after each other for a while and they had to settle their differences. They had to see if they can swim on their own for a little bit. There is the possibility of coming back together. We never know what’s going to happen. I love those guys to death and it was a great time. I like what we did with the business. If you go around the business now, you see a lot more suits and guys cleaning themselves up. Hurt Business was a part of that. We kept a high style and a lot of class while beating people up.”

Speaking of Bobby Lashley, it has reported that WWE is hoping to have Brock Lesnar return “imminently”, potentially even to set up a huge SummerSlam match with the WWE Champion.

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