Bullet Club IS Getting Female Members!

Bullet Club IS Getting Female Members!

Following a somewhat nasty injury sustained at Sakura Genesis during his bout with the Golden Lovers, Bullet Club leader Cody took to social media, where he participated in an ROH Facebook Live chat.


The subjects covered by the ‘American Nightmare’ included standard things such as ROH Supercard of Honor XII, as well as worked questions and answers meant to further his clash with Kenny Omega on April 7. Then something unexpected happened and the session took a rather interesting turn. Amongst the inquiries, the head of arguably the world’s most recognized stable was asked if they’d be recruiting females to the group.

It’s a question I’m sure many have been asking for quite a while. The male-dominated faction has been lacking in the fairer sex since its inception, and the addition of one or two names – Tenille Dashwood has been mooted – would surely help Cody’s incarnation stand out from its predecessor.

On the subject of female Bullet Club member, Cody had this to say:

“I’m going to tell you something right out of the gate as leader of the Bullet Club that I’m going to do. I’m going to recruit women to the Bullet Club and I have two in mind. Two in mind, which is a secret. All this nonsense, ‘Well, New Japan doesn’t have women,’ well, the world has women. Women of Honor! We have the tournament finals at Supercard of Honor, come on! The Bullet Club needs women and not just, ‘Oh, they’re kinda in, but kinda not,’ no, they need to be official members brought into the fold of the Bullet Club.”

The news that he plans to recruit female wrestlers to the bloc in the near future will be welcome to many. It won’t be before time either. I’ll leave you to speculate on who you’d like to see join; though will add that it’s likely the winner of the ROH Women of Honor tournament will be an unsurprising addition. A new logo and female members, Cody’s reign at the forefront of the group is turning out to be a memorable one.

5 years ago by Wrestle Talk


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