Charlotte Flair Opens Up About Ric Flair Input On Her WWE Career

1 year ago by Sanchez Taylor

Charlotte Flair Opens Up About Ric Flair Input On Her WWE Career WWE

Charlotte Flair has opened up about her father, Ric Flair, being so vocal about her career.

While Charlotte has been associated with her Hall of Famer father for most of her WWE career, Flair has become increasingly vocal about Charlotte online since leaving the company in August 2021.

In recent months, Ric has traded verbal jabs with Becky Lynch, who notably had a backstage confrontation with Charlotte in October.

Speaking on Hot 97, Flair noted that she now chooses to focus on the aspects of her career that she can control.

Understanding that Ric’s input comes from a place of love, Flair said:

“I think so, yeah, but it’s also just remaining the course, where I don’t let people know what I’m thinking, whether I’m bothered or unbothered and my dad’s a lot more vocal. I’ve tried to control that and I’ve realized that I can’t.

“Whether my dad’s my biggest cheerleader or what, he’s gonna say what he wants to say and I can’t persuade him any other way and it’s just learning to have…it does (comes from a place of love) and he thinks he’s doing right by me.

“I know that no one in the world would do anything other than,  my dad would do anything in the world for me and how much he loves me, and my career means everything to him. I’m gonna try not to fight that battle anymore. He is always gonna go to bat for me and I would expect any parent to go to bat for their child.

“I think people just forget that it’s a father-daughter duo, and he’s just protecting his nest. Even though I don’t think I need protecting. I’m like, ‘Dad, I got this, okay?’ I’m still daddy’s little girl.”

Flair is set to defend her SmackDown Women’s Championship against Ronda Rousey on WrestleMania 38 Saturday.

You can view the announced card for WrestleMania Saturday at this link, and the current line-up for WrestleMania Sunday at this link.

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