CM Punk Comments Amid Reports He’s Fallen Out With AEW Again

2 weeks ago by Liam Winnard

CM Punk Comments Amid Reports He’s Fallen Out With AEW Again AEW

UPDATE: WBD’s reaction to the situation has reportedly been revealed – read more at this link.

CM Punk has taken to Instagram with a comment amid the story that just broke about him potentially falling out with AEW again.

As we’ve already covered, PWInsider reported that the reason Punk was removed from all the promotional material for today’s Collision announcement was because he and AEW are “at odds” again over the return, or non-return, of Punk’s long-time associate Ace Steel.

You can get fully caught up on that at this link.

However, in the midst of all this happening, Punk has taken to his Instagram Story with some comments.

Punk initially pointed some comments directly at Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer – who had also reported today about possible issues between Punk and AEW – but he also posted the following general message for everyone:

Friendly reminder: I haven’t been on TV in nine months and y’all just can’t stop talking about me.

Maybe stop, you’ll feel better. Love, hate, it’s all the same.

I don’t enjoy being the sole person that props up the entire misinformed clickbait industry based on toxic gossip from lying sources, but what can you do?

When you’re the king, it comes with the crown.

You can see the screenshot below.

UPDATE: Punk has also filmed a video comment, saying:

“One more before I go really quick.

“The parasocial relationship a lot of fringe wrestling fans have with certain people is really unhealthy.

“I get the tribalism, like it’s fun to root for your team, but picking sides seems a little silly.

“You don’t know me. You don’t know anybody else. So, you know, just go touch grass.”

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