CM Punk Thinks Britt Baker & Jade Cargill Could Lure AJ Lee Back To The Ring

10 months ago by Amanda Savage

CM Punk Thinks Britt Baker & Jade Cargill Could Lure AJ Lee Back To The Ring WWE

File this one under: YES PLEASE! CM Punk comments on which AEW stars he thinks could tempt his iconic wife AJ Lee back to in-ring action.

While wrestling icon AJ Lee may no longer be competing in the ring, according to her husband CM Punk, she definitely still keeps up with the activities of the AEW roster.

Speaking to Skewed & Reviewed at San Diego Comic Con 2022, Punk said:

“That’s a question you gotta ask her… I do have insight but its a delicate thing. I don’t push it on her. She watches the show… and she’ll be like, ‘tell me when the girls are on.’ She’s a big fan of Jade, I think women like Jade and Britt [Baker, D.M.D.] especially, if she’s ever gonna want to wrestle again, they’re the ones that could draw her in, based on looks and ability and the work and that.”

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He caught himself framing a comments as, “If I could convince her…” and stopped to reiterate it wasn’t whether or not he could convince her as he is supportive of her career choices either way.

Also of note, AJ Lee remains “busy as f**k” according to her husband.

AJ Lee’s name was previously tossed around in the weekend at San Diego Comic Con when the aforementioned Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. noted that she would love to have an intergender tag match between CM Punk and AJ Lee against she and her real life boyfriend, Adam Cole.

Adam Cole is set to make his return on the upcoming edition of AEW Dynamite whereas Dr. Baker is next in action when AEW Rampage airs tonight (July 29.)

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