Daniel Bryan Gives Contract Update

Daniel Bryan Gives Contract Update

Speaking on a recent edition of the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Daniel Bryan spoke about his return to active competition and the possibility of him re-signing with the WWE.


The interview was arranged by 2K Games to promote the re-inclusion of their new ‘Showcase’ mode. ‘Showcase’ mode focuses this year on the complete story of Daniel Bryan’s journey within the WWE.

The interview starts with Sam and Daniel talking about when and how Daniel found out that he would be cleared to wrestle again. According to the ‘”Yes!” Man,’ he found out late on Monday the 19th of March at around 9:30pm, with WWE breaking the news that he was cleared to compete less then 24 hours later on Twitter.

Daniel goes on to talk about his current schedule:

“I don’t want to do a full schedule. I think WWE has been very gracious in working with me to not do a complete schedule.”

One of the reasons Daniel cites for wanting to work part time is to be with his family, another is the toll wrestling places on his body:

“Realistically, every time you go out, there is a risk, so mitigating the risk of how many times you’re going out and doing something.

“I like the schedule of 50-100 matches a year.”

Daniel continued talking about how busy he had been in the past:

“In 2013 I did 227 matches… I have no interest in ever doing 200 matches [a year] again in my career.”

With Daniel’s current contract expiring on the 1st of September, talk quickly shifted to his current situation and how negotiations are going. Daniel said:

“At this point it’s 90% plus… I will say it’s likely I will sign with WWE.”

With Sam digging, Daniel continued:

“I have not re-signed yet, but, I mean it’s likely. It could happen as soon as the end of this week, it might be a couple more weeks or what ever it is but yeah, it’s very likely.”


Speaking about what he’d like to do going forward Bryan says:

“One of the things I haven’t accomplished is winning a Royal Rumble.”

Daniel continues, talking about the possibility of the resulting match at WrestleMania he said:

“There’s a reality, there’s a lot of things that happen in WWE, things change and what fans want changes. It’s not all about me.”

You can listen to the full podcast here.


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