Daniel Garcia Reveals Which AEW Star Helped Get Him Hired

2 years ago by Connel Rumsey

Daniel Garcia Reveals Which AEW Star Helped Get Him Hired

Daniel Garcia has been making waves in All Elite Wrestling since his first match with the promotion, and has already locked up with some of the company’s top stars like Jon Moxley, Darby Allin and CM Punk.

Garcia was a recent guest on the AEW Unrestricted podcast, where he spoke about his recent signing, as well as crediting AEW star The Blade, who was one of Garcia’s trainers, as the man who helped get his foot in the door.

Garcia said:

“People just end up reaching out to you. I think you develop a lot of independent wrestling clout or notoriety, and then people end up hitting you up, and I think The Blade, Pepper Parks, one of my trainers, I think he was able to put in a good word for me a little bit. I’m sure that didn’t harm the cause at all, but I think that’s how it came together. They were just looking for, kind of, high-profile indie wrestlers that they could put on their show and give an opportunity to and that, plus a recommendation, I think went a long way. I had about eight months off from wrestling, and my first match back was at AEW.”

Garcia continued on, speaking highly of The Blade and how much he has played a role in his wrestling development. Garcia added:

“I learned so much from Pepper. I didn’t really have a father figure growing up. My father wasn’t really around. He passed away when I was young, so Pepper was one of the first father figures, I feel like, I had in my life. He’s 20 something years older than me, but he’s somebody I can always go to for advice in and out of wrestling, like life advice but also just advice in the ring. He’s somebody who is very comforting, and somebody who is very helpful and somebody who is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that somebody is comfortable and to make sure that somebody is just on the right path.”

Daniel Garcia was officially signed to an AEW contract earlier this month.

transcription via WrestlingInc

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