Darby Allin Buries Miro Ahead Of TNT Title Match

2 years ago by Tempest

Darby Allin Buries Miro Ahead Of TNT Title Match

Darby Allin has performed admirably since winning the TNT Championship at Full Gear. He brought back the weekly open challenge, taking on challengers such as Matt Hardy, Jungle Boy, and JD Drake.

Now, he waits to face Miro on this week’s episode of Dynamite. Before they step into the ring, however, Darby Allin had some negative things to say about his opponent. Allin took to Twitter today to call Miro the most underwhelming thing he’s seen. Here is the quote:

“You say Darby’s this & Darby’s that I know exactly who I am.

Do you know who you are Miro? You show up the hottest free agent just to talk about video games and be some best man. You’ve gotta be the most underwhelming Thing I’ve seen.

You ain’t taking shit away from me.”

Miro arrived in AEW after the All Out pay per view last year, partnering with Kip Sabien as The Best Man. Since then that partnership has dissolved with Miro saying he is only interested in championship gold. Now, he gets his chance to take the TNT Championship away from Darby Allin on Wednesday.

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