Top Star Praises IMPACT Wrestling’s Gisele Shaw

Top Star Praises IMPACT Wrestling’s Gisele Shaw IMPACT Wrestling

A top star has praised IMPACT Wrestling’s Gisele Shaw.

The IMPACT Knockouts division has become one of the deepest and most talented roster in all of professional wrestling.

At IMPACT Rebellion 2023, Deonna Purrazzo defeated Jordynne Grace to become a three-time IMPACT Knockouts World Champion.

Besides being one of the most decorated stars regardless of gender on the roster, Purrazzo is also one of the locker room leaders and has a great deal of experience from multiple promotions to draw from when it comes to giving advice to others.

Speaking to Jeremy Lambert and Joel Pearl on Fightful’s In The Weeds, “The Virtuosa” praised Gisele Shaw and discussed giving her as well as other talent advice. Deonna said:

“I had a conversation with someone [at IMPACT Rebellion] before I wrestled, just feeling, ‘I’m a little lost, character-work maybe isn’t my biggest thing. I’m trying to work to my size.’ I just said, ‘You have to trust.’ You have to trust people putting you in these situations.”

“Whoever is doing the creative is putting you in these situations because you can handle them. Specifically with Gisele, who over the last almost two years, has gone through a lot of ebbs and flows.”

“She debuted as a singles star, did some stuff with Lady Frost, then was thrown in the mix with all these different tag teams, people left, she didn’t have her tag team. I think she had a really rough start in terms of getting her feet into something and really digging in.”

Purrazzo continued on to express her happiness in seeing Shaw tell her story and grow in confidence, saying:

“To see her flourish, we’ve all followed her story, she has an amazing diary put out to show the world, ‘this is who I am.’ I really feel that coming out, having her story out there has exemplified what she does in the ring.”

“She is confident, she goes out there and knows exactly who she is and she oozes this aura, this larger than life star. It’s all come together over the last six months. The in-ring ability, which she’s always had, and now that, ‘I am who I am and I’m living my best life and my most authentic life.”

“Take it or leave it,’ is the attitude she brings in life and in the ring. That, to me, is what was missing, and now that she has it, the possibilities are endless for Gisele.”

Deonna Purrazzo and Gisele Shaw were embroiled in a feud earlier this year, which included the two women competing in a four-way match that also included Masha Slamovich and Miyu Yamashita at the NJPW and IMPACT Wrestling Multiverse United event.

Transcription via Fightful

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