Details On Rhea Ripley’s Legitimate WWE Injury

Details On Rhea Ripley’s Legitimate WWE Injury WWE

Details have emerged on Rhea Ripley’s legitimate WWE injury that led to her vacating the Women’s World Championship.

Last night’s WWE Raw show kicked off with Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley coming to the ring, where she vacated the title due to suffering an injury during last week’s brawl with Liv Morgan on Raw.

In an update from PWInsider, multiple sources have noted that the injury occurred when Rhea was sent into a wall by Liv Morgan, injuring the AC joint where he collarbone and shoulder connect.

Rhea’s recovery time has not been confirmed internally, with it being dependent on whether or not she requires surgery as well as physical therapy.

While many speculated that the chairshot from Liv to begin the brawl was what caused the injury, that is not the case and it was simply a freak injury.

Rhea vacating her title officially ended her reign at 380 days, with a new champion set to be crowned on next week’s show.

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