Legendary Name Provides Update On Jerry Lawler

Legendary Name Provides Update On Jerry Lawler WWE

A legendary name has provided an update on Jerry Lawler.

In February this year, news would break regarding WWE legend Jerry Lawler suffering a serious stroke in Fort Myers, Florida.

On the latest edition of his “Story Time” podcast, Dutch Mantell provided an update on Lawler’s condition. He said:

“I have heard, this is news on Jerry Lawler. You know, his recent stroke that he had in February that put him in the hospital almost killed him, and he’s had some more mini strokes along the way.”

“He is much better, but still not recovering as well as they would hope. He has trouble finishing sentences. I mean, he talks well.”

“His voice has changed somewhat. He talks, but when he gets to the end of the sentence, he starts searching for words to end the sentence and he gets frustrated.”

Mantell continued on to explain how Lawler’s current health has affected him in other ways, saying:

“He’s an artist, but he’s having trouble with his right hand. I think he had it on, strokes are odd, on the left side of the body. It affects the other side, so I think he had it on his left side.”

“He’s right handed. He has trouble now doing his art, which is really frustrating him because he was, and still is probably, a tremendous artist, but he is not where he needs to be. That’s why he wasn’t live at WrestleMania. He wasn’t cleared to travel.”

“I’m going to say that I think we’ve seen him on his last RAW. If there is any, and I hope I’m wrong, but if there’s any indication that he may not be able to do it, if there is like a 5% chance that something might happen, he’s not doing it because if something happened on RAW, can you imagine how badly RAW would get roasted for having him on there after having those strokes?”

“Jerry, we have the same birthday, same year, same day. I say that all the time. I used to call him my cosmic brother, but I hope he gets better and I hope he’s okay.”

Mantell didn’t confirm his source on this update, but did say that he trusts who he has heard this from.

We at Wrestletalk would like to continue to offer our well wishes to Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler in his ongoing recovery.

Transcription via Wrestling News

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