Former WWE Star Came Up With Big E’s Finisher

2 years ago by Brian Joyce

Former WWE Star Came Up With Big E’s Finisher

One of the most important parts of a wrestler’s repertoire is their finisher. If a wrestler has a memorable finisher, fans are more likely to get into the end of their matches. So if you are a wrestler make sure to thank the person who helped you come up with your finisher. In the case of Big E, that person was Curt Hawkins.

On After The Bell with Corey Graves, Big E revealed that Hawkins helped him develop his finisher. He also named Fit Finlay as the person who came up with the apron spear. Here is the quote, courtesy of Fightful:

“The only finisher I’ve ever used is the Big Ending. Curt Hawkins [Brian Myers] gave that to me in 2009. We were just in the ring and it was called the Bodybag. He showed it to me and I forgot how we came up with the Big Ending, but he gave it to me. Darren Young showed me how to gorilla press. Michael Tarver meant so much to me because I remember I was so green and he was ready to go up and seasoned. They just had us wrestle and I was a year into the business. I was not a Chad Gable or [Kurt Angle] who picked things up immediately. Tarver and I were just married. We had six matches and he would sit down and talk to me about psychology.

Not just in a broad sense, but the way he perceived me. He would say, ‘I see you as a black superman.’ No one else was giving me that sense of confidence. He helped me on how I wanted to portray my character and the stuff between the moves. That was the first time I got to think of my character in a holistic sense. Dr. Tom meant a lot to my career, just a guy who needed the basics and the way we drilled the fundamentals over and over. A guy like me needed it. Joey Mercury, I feel like I had a basic moveset, and he helped fine-tune things. At the time, Samoa Joe wasn’t with the company and he was like, ‘yeah, we’ll just steal Joe’s corner uranage.’ Fit Finlay was the one who came up with the idea of the apron spear.”

Big E has used the Big Ending for his entire career. Upon his main roster debut in late 2012, he hit the move on John Cena and he was off and running.

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