Former WWE Star Says ‘CM Punk Was Right’ After Argument With AEW Star

Former WWE Star Says ‘CM Punk Was Right’ After Argument With AEW Star AEW/WWE

AEW star Max Caster has been going back and forth online with former WWE star Bully Ray when the latter delivered a CM Punk related blow.

Current AEW Trios Champion Max Caster and WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray (Bubba Ray Dudley) got into a back and forth exchange today on Twitter which ended in evoking the name of CM Punk.

After Bully Ray wondered if fans wanted to see himself and D’Von have a Dudley reunion for one final run, there were a multitude of answers.

However when a fan noted that they would like to see Bully Ray in AEW, Max Caster responded:

“Bully Ray has to pay A LOT of dues before he steps foot in my locker room”

To which Bully Ray responded:

“None of you young boys in that locker room have paid your dues…thats the problem.

“See you soon.”

To which Caster then replied:

“Okay just remember to shake my hand when you get to my locker room”

In what was presumably the final blow of the back and forth exchange, Bully Ray said:

“Punk was right…🤝”

If there are further moments in this fracas, we’ll be sure to give you an update.

Until confirmed, we can’t say for sure whether this was a legitimate heated exchange or the two working together to set something up, so we’ll provide any clarification on that if it emerges too.

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6 months ago by Amanda Savage



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