Former WWE Star Details Scrapped Return Plan

Former WWE Star Details Scrapped Return Plan WWE

A former WWE star has detailed a scrapped return plan for him as an announcer.

At the beginning of 2020, WWE and the wrestling world overall had to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. It changed the course of history in the business and also many plans, especially in WWE.

In a new YouTube video, first-ever Tough Enough winner Maven recalled how he nearly landed the opportunity to return to WWE as an announcer in 2020 before COVID halted plans.

Recapping his first exit from the company and turning down an opportunity to return in 2008, Maven said:

“2005, WWE fires me, releasing me and ending a dream. 2008, they call back, they call back. Johnny Ace gives me a call, says, ‘Might have another opportunity for you to come back.’”

“This time, I wasn’t ready. After that, I went into other avenues of entertainment. BET, HSN, and I hope you saw the worst day of my life and watched my arrest video from 2012.”

“So where was I at after that? What happened after that? So I took a lot of time off after the arrest. I basically just had to get myself together.”

“I find myself in New York and working jobs that I wasn’t proud to admit I was working, coming from where I came from.”

“By 2017, I had pulled myself out of a hole pretty well, and I was working with the Brooklyn Nets.”

“I was with the Nets up until they signed Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving Once they signed those two, a lot of us were shown the door,”

Explaining how he reached out to D-Von Dudley and told him that he saw a potential role as an announcer, Maven stated:

“In 2019, I reached out to D-Von, and knowing D-Von still had a great relationship with the WWE, I reached out and I said, ‘D-Von, I see a path forward. I see an opportunity, and I know I could work with the company, the company that I love, the company that brought me into this business. I see my opportunity, not as a wrestler, age wins, but I see my opportunity with maybe announcing, maybe backstage interview segments.’”

“D-Von agreed, and D-Von said, ‘Give me some time. Let me make a few calls.’ Week or two goes by, and D-Von calls me back and says, ‘I have a gentleman that I want you to talk with. His name is Tom Phillips.’”

“Tom helps find talent, along with Michael Cole running the whole thing. That kind of caught me off-guard because I remember Michael Cole’s role when I was in WWE, and to see that he had risen to where he was running that entire department, I was ecstatic.”

Maven continued to explain how the plans were made for him to come to the WWE PC and get started, saying:

“So I speak with Tom, and I think that our very first conversation was at last about an hour, and it was just an opportunity for the two of us to get to know each other.”

“So Tom told me that there was an opportunity to perhaps get into the commentating side of the business.”

“To do that, I would have to come down to the training facility. Now, it was going to be all expenses paid. They were going to fly me down, they were gonna take care of my hotel.”

“I was gonna spend an entire day pretty much in Orlando, where NXT is located. To be honest with you, I was excited to go down, and I had heard just how amazing the facility was, but I had never seen it. So I knew it was going to be, if nothing else, just a good day,”

Noting how the day arrived for the interview and his start, Maven said:

“Tom had given me a bit of advice leading to that, and he asked me, point blank, he said, ‘Maven, are you familiar with the product?’ I didn’t want to lie to him.”

“I said, ‘I’m actually not.’ I explained to him why I do not watch. He said, ‘No problem. Just familiarize yourself with our product.’”

“So the day of the interview, I arrive at the facility, and it’s actually one of the times that I’ve been on time in my life.”

“I immediately met with Tom, and he comes up and could not be more gracious of a host. [He] takes a few minutes out to show me everything, and I’ll tell you, when they talk about the facility there, they undersell it because it’s amazing.”

“So after I said my hellos, after I met a lot of people, then Tom took me back into a room where they have several monitors set up.”

“Now, what they do with these monitors is, they go over and they practice. They get themselves ready for live television. They get themselves ready by calling old matches. That’s what we were gonna do that day,”

On how he found out about the COVID-19 pandemic and everything shutting down after making plans to move to Florida to start as a WWE announcer, Maven said:

“I leave, go back, get to the hotel, and then I see it. Flashing up on the TV screen. Every hope that I had was dashed in a second. What I see flashed up on on the TV screen was, ‘NBA to cancel their regular season.’ What I didn’t tell you was the date. The date of my interview was March 11, 2020, the day that the entire world shut down,”

“Worrying about that job, it took second place because obviously, we started hearing about what was going on, people getting sick and family members being lost.”

“My goal immediately turned into getting back to New York. At the time, we didn’t know if things were going to be shut down.”

“So I got back to New York. Within a month, the entire world was on lockdown. WWE programming would stop live events.”

Maven concluded on how things transpired after the news, saying:

“They would only do studio shows in that location, studio shows that only required a few announcers, announcers they already had. Years later, I would actually bump into Tom Phillips again.” ‘

“By this point, he had been released from the WWE. But I’m happy he landed on his feet, working with IMPACT Wrestling.”

“He told me, he said, ‘You did a good job that day, and it’s a shame that you interviewed when you did.’ He says, ‘We were ready to offer you exactly what we spoke about.”

“Have you come down, have you just accept a contract and work to see where you would fit into the rotation of the WWE programming.’ Who knows?”

“I might have got down there and sucked. I might have got down there, and they’d be like, ‘Wow, we fired this guy in ‘05, we should have stuck with our instincts.’”

“The opportunity for me to be hired during that time was nothing. Life is not what happens to you. Life is how you react to what happens to you.”

“I could have just gotten more bitter, but I didn’t. Instead, I waited for my next opportunity. You might ask, what was my next opportunity? Well, you’re watching it right now,”

Transcription via Fightful

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