FTR & The Briscoes Go To War In Double Dog Collar Bout At ROH Final Battle

FTR & The Briscoes Go To War In Double Dog Collar Bout At ROH Final Battle ROH

Here’s what went down in the double dog collar tag team bout at ROH Final Battle.

From the opening bell, the two teams engaged in a ringside brawl.

It didn’t take long for things to get bloody, with Mark Briscoe suffering a cut on his face early into the brawl.

Both teams utilised their chains to brutalise their opponents.

FTR and The Briscoes both used innovative maneuvers to break holds using the chains, with Jay Briscoe notably saving his brother by irish whipping Dax Harwood into Cash Wheeler and Mark Briscoe’s chain, causing them to fall.

The chains weren’t the only weapons used. While a steel chair was brought into the bout early on, Mark Briscoe introduced a number more chairs and a table into the equation.

At one point in the bout, Dax Harwood inadvertently struck referee Mike Posey with the chain, giving the official a crimson mask.

Mark Briscoe took a horrific bump, after Cash Wheeler pulled him by the neck off the top rope, onto a pile of chairs on the floor at ringside.

In the closing moments of the bout, Jay Briscoe choked Dax Harwood out with the chain after hitting a superplex on a pile of chairs.

Cash Wheeler tried to get back into the ring, but Mark held him back with the chain.

Dax Harwood passed out, and the Briscoes became 13-time ROH Tag Team Champions.

Following the bout, The Briscoes applauded FTR, before walking to the back, leaving FTR in the ring.

Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler were attacked by Austin & Colten Gunn after the bout.

The Gunns stated that they won’t stop until they kill FTR’s legacy. The Briscoes came back to confront the Gunns, who left to ‘asshole’ chants.

Stay tuned to for more updates from ROH Final Battle.

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