Injured AEW Star Teases Upcoming Announcement?

2 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Injured AEW Star Teases Upcoming Announcement? AEW

AEW star Santana has been out of action for 10 months.

Satana last appeared in the Blood and Guts match on June 29 of last year, where he suffered a torn ACL during the match.

The timeframe for Santana’s injury had him set to miss anywhere from 8-12 months of action, which would mean that his return from injury could happen some time soon.

Taking to Twitter today, Santana may have teased a potential date that he’s hoping to be cleared by, when he simply just tweeted:


April 21 is next Friday, which won’t feature an episode of Rampage, as Rampage is set to air on Saturday, April 22 instead.

There has been a lot of speculation regarding Santana’s future in his team with Ortiz, as well as AEW as a whole, amid rumours that he and Ortiz had been having issue prior to Santana’s injury.

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